Hi minecraft players!
This page is english guide of AKAISHI SERVER!


  • We do not expect our harass, trolling, spam.
  • The using of strip mining in the mining area.
  • You must not monopolize the items. Only the necessary items.(*1)
  • You can build in the build area.(*2) And the mining is prohibited.
  • Please attach a tag to your creative work. Tag is signified by signboard.(details…)
  • Do not create a very-high-load redstone circuit.
  • Boss is a rule!

(*1) You can use the shared items. And please share the surplus items.
(*2) There is a reserved area. You look for a blank space.


Attention! You need is add in white list.

Please register to this site. Add to white list automatically. And you can use the forums.

Breakdown list of worlds

Japanese world name English Build area Mining area Mob Spawn Supplement
リンクワールド Link world No No No
住居ワールド Residence world Yes No No Fast time spawn.
You cannot use the reserved area.
住居ワールド2 Residence world #2 Yes No No
住居ネザー Residence nether Yes No No They like the nether world. you too?
Resource world #1
Resource world #2
No Yes Yes All the keyless chests in this world are shared items
Akazon倉庫 Storage of AKAZON No No No Only storage
夏祭りワールド Festival world No No No Summer Festival of Japan style
The End
The End #2
No No Yes
BOSS No No Yes
Akaishi-Teacher is crazy! Multiple boss appearance!!! Clean all BOSS by all means!
survival world Yes Yes Yes The independent survival world.
ReCreate this world on Every Monday at 6:00 AM(JST).(Risk of dying when left the game in this world!)

Return: Entering “/mvtp link_world” in chat.


Where is the “resource world”?
From Link world to Resource world
Where gate of “Link world”?
Position x136, y67. from residence world.
Where it is building a house of “residence world”?
The building to the side of the road if there is a vacant lot.
I can build the basement?
Yes, you can dig down for build.